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Have a question about our products? Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q : How can I get discount coupons or purchase vouchers for your products?

Please take note that we don’t send discount coupons or vouchers directly to consumers, whatever the origin (email, social media, phone or mail).

Instead, we encourage you to follow the promotions on our products in the store flyers or at the point of purchase. In addition, we invite you to visit our brand’s websites where you might occasionally find promotional offers.

Q : How can I tell the “best before” date of your products?
Chilled products : The “best before” date is on every package. It is displayed in a regulated format including the year, month, and day.
Unrefrigerated products (sold on the shelf) : The package is stamped with an ink jet code indicating the date before which the product should be consumed to get the maximum benefit from its qualities. For example, 20140313 means March 13, 2014.

Q : How long can I keep product after the container has been opened?
In order for you to fully enjoy the taste, it is preferable to use the product within 10 days after opening the container, and to store it in the refrigerator.

Q : What is the shelf life of a product after the date indicated on the packaging?
After the “best before” date, a product that has not been opened poses no health risk. If stored according to directions, only the organoleptic qualites (taste, colour) may be altered.

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Q : What is the source of the sugar in 100% juices?
Fruits contain natural sugars. For this reason the quantities of sugar and carbohydrates are listed in the Nutrition Facts table on our packaging. The term “Natural fruit sugars” is moreover written under the Nutrition Facts table.

Q : Do you use ingredients from animal products or by-products?
Omega-3 fish oil is the only such ingredient that we use in our products, and the fish oil is encased in porcine-derived gelatin.

Q : Is there any gluten in your juices, drinks, or cocktails?
All our products are gluten free except the Oasis Apple-Berry Yogurt-Cereal Smoothie (made with milk, oats, wheat, and barley). Please note that all allergenic ingredients are printed in bold on the packaging.

Q : Is the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) naturally occurring in your products or is it added?
Vitamin C is naturally present in fruit. The amount varies from one fruit to another, which is why the values in the Nutrition Facts table vary depending on the flavours.
Vitamin C added: Where regulations permit, we can add vitamin C. It is included in the list of ingredients and “Vitamin C added” appears on the front of the package.

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Q : What are your main supply sources for apple juice?
We buy almost 90% of processing apples from eastern Canada. Because there are not enough juice apples produced in Canada to meet the demand, we buy concentrates from North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Q : Do you have any criteria for the selection of your imported raw materials (ingredients)?
A rigorous selection process is performed on every continent in the world to find the fruit ingredients to be used in the production of our juices, drinks, and cocktails. Our buyers and auditors regularly visit our suppliers to ensure compliance with international standards of quality, safety, food safety, ethics, and environmental practices.

Q : What is the origin of fresh-pressed orange juice?
This juice not from concentrate (fresh pressed) comes mainly from Brazil and Florida. The juice itself is brought to our facilities from the production facilities by tank trucks. It is then sent directly to the packaging lines to be pasteurized and packaged. The freshness and flavour of the fruit are thus preserved.

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