Donations and Sponsorships

For several years now, Lassonde has associated itself with community life at the local, regional, and provincial levels, and even occasionally at a national level. In order to be a responsible and active partner in the various communities where its products are available, Lassonde provides support in the form of either monetary contributions or products, and this for various organizations, events, or initiatives in several sectors—community, social, cultural, educational, sports, environmental, humanitarian, or socio-economic.

Sectors and areas that we support


We support several hospital foundations, and we support medical research in various sectors, homes for the sick, foundations that support medical causes (e.g., Healthpartners, Fondation Docteur Maurice-Bertrand, and university research centres).


We promote physical activity, especially team sports that promote self-development. For several years, we have been involved in many major sports events such as the Montreal OASIS Marathon and Half-Marathon, the Jeux du Québec, and the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie.

Community and social initiatives

We support various organizations offering primary needs services (food, lodging, etc.) that help people to help themselves, providing follow-up on the clientele with which the Company’s personnel is involved or follow-up that allows for involvement (e.g., Tel-Jeunes, charity organizations, hospital fundraisers, groups for the elderly, causes).


Lassonde associates itself with projects involving local, regional, provincial, and even national educational institutions (e.g., elementary schools, secondary schools, adult education, CEGEPs, universities, childcare centres, vocational schools), while taking into consideration the applicant’s geographical proximity so as to determine the extent of the Company’s involvement.

Recreational activities

We support popular recreational events and activities that contribute to collective well­being and to the development of harmonious relations; and we encourage the involvement of our personnel (e.g., tournaments, youth clubs, and recreational associations).


We promote the creativity and development of artists and other creators and support the initiatives of organizers of cultural and artistic events (e.g., exhibits, choirs, theatre companies, and popular festivals).

Sustainable Development

We support projects and initiatives that help to protect and enhance the environment within a perspective of sustainable development. We promote awareness-raising projects and activities based on scientific knowledge, motivating citizens to become more responsible for the environment and to increase their environmentally appropriate actions. We support projects with themes that involve positive concrete action for the environment (e.g., tree planting, preservation of rivers and mountains, and recycling campaigns).

Are you eligible to receive a grant?

Criteria for Granting Sponsorship

The selection of sponsorships is based on three criteria:

  • The quality of the project
  • Considerable, clear and measurable benefits to the community
  • The publics and clienteles targeted by the project


Although we give careful consideration to each request we receive, under no circumstances can we consider providing sponsorship support for a project or organization that has any of the following characteristics:

  • Its financial management is deficient
  • It does not meet the requirements of the Company’s criteria
  • It is in its first year of existence or is holding its first large-scale event
  • It is of a religious or political nature, except where the grounds of the request are neither religious nor political
  • It supports an individual

All requests for donations or sponsorships must be made via our online form. Lassonde will not consider any request received by e-mail, mail, fax, telephone or in person.