For Professionals of the Food Service Industry

Lassonde knows how much you love to offer your customers quality drinks that they enjoy.

Beyond quality, you need to offer an experience of flavours and textures along with a complete variety of packages through targeted solutions that are handy and reliable.

Lassonde offers these benefits and more, through a wide selection of the most delicious leading brands made available to you by our team of dedicated and skilled professionals.

Our products have been part of consumers’ daily lives for nearly a century.

We are the prefered choice for your industry.

Nous sommes un allié de choix pour votre service alimentaire.

  • Our marketing programs and professional services facilitate your supplying needs
  • Our range of solutions is unrivalled
  • The quality of our products is unmatched
  • Our innovative company keeps growing

Lassonde brings freshness to your service.

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For the American market go to the LASSONDE PAPPAS AND COMPANY FOOD SERVICE website

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