There is nothing more precious than our health. At Lassonde, we are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles while supporting causes we care about through various donor and sponsorship programs. We take pride in being a partner of choice for organizations and events that have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Lassonde only supports high quality projects that have clear and measurable benefits for the community. These projects must also reflect our company’s values and align with our priorities.

Support for research. Lassonde provides financial support to foundations such as Health Partners, a pan-Canadian fund that links donors in the workplace with organizations that support research into chronic diseases and other serious illnesses that have the most devastating impact on this country. Since 2011, Lassonde has matched annual employee donations to this organization.

Promoting family-oriented physical activity. As sponsors, we participate in major sporting events such as the Rock’n’Roll OASIS Marathon in Montreal, as well as various other running events across Canada.

Support for education and promoting physical activity among underprivileged children. The organization Start2Finish aims to break the cycle of poverty among disadvantaged children by providing them with ongoing educational support.

Support for teens. For years, Lassonde has sought to raise the profile of Tel-jeunes, a flagship resource for Quebec youth, by featuring the organization on our juice boxes. Last year, $890,000 was raised at the annual Tel-Jeunes fund-raising luncheon. Another cheque for $34,386 was issued to the organization in 2016 out of proceeds from the Montreal Oasis Marathon, in which 380 of our employees and their families took part.

These are just a few of the activities Lassonde supports. We are proud of our involvement in the community and the causes we care about.