What better way to live the Lassonde experience !

21 June 2017

As part of the television show Arrive en campagne, Chef Stefano Faita takes an urban family under his wing for a 24-hour period in order to make them discover the farming community. In the June 14, 2017 episode, the Bessette-Bourgeois family, owner of La Vielle Grange, an orchard in Rougemont, Québec, welcomes the Babineau-Dalpé family. They will share the many responsibilities of this hard-working family. Then, Chef Faita ends the day by cooking a meal prepared with cider and apples from the orchard where both families gather around the table to enjoy the delicious meal and enjoy their last moments together. We invite you to watch the episode filled with emotions. Not only will it make you discover two extraordinary families but also you will experience the apple juice production at Lassonde.

To download the video, simply click on the link.

(only available in french): : http://demo-data.technolinux.com/2-TVA9-6570045.wmv

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