Blending passion, vision and innovation

Founded in 1918, our family business has always strived to offer consumers the highest quality food products. Today, thanks to our five subsidiaries, Lassonde is a leader in each of our markets. To maintain that reputation and to ensure constant growth, our priority is innovation and prompt delivery of new products.

Fruit and vegetable juices and drinks

A. Lassonde is a North American leader in the development, production and sales of fruit- and vegetable-based juices and drinks sold under the Oasis, Rougemont and Flavür brands, among others.

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Fruit and vegetable juices and beverages

An important producer of national brand juices in the US, Apple & Eve has a strong track record of innovation. Its brands are synonymous with health, wellness and high quality, which is due to its long-standing commitment to providing pure and all natural juices. Its head office is located in Port Washington, New York.

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Soups, sauces and broths

Lassonde Specialties develops, produces and commercializes a variety of food products, including fondue broths, soups and sauces packaged under store brands, as well as private brands like Antico and Canton.

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Store brand juices and drinks

Lassonde Pappas is the second largest U.S. producer of store brand fruit juices and fruit drinks and one of the largest producers of cranberry juices, drinks and sauces.

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Wines and alcoholic products

Arista Wines imports and markets select wines from various countries of origin, and produces apple cider and wine products sold in environmentally friendly packaging.

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